Who I am


Hello, I’m Ben, I currently live in Ukraine with my beautiful wife and daughter. I’m originally from Oklahoma but have lived all over the place through the years.

I currently work for Amazing.com as a Senior Software Engineer, crafting the backend APIs (Laravel, Lumen, GraphQL and AWS family of services).

Outside of programming I enjoy RC vehicles (DJI Mavic Mini, Arrma Kraton 6s), taking photos (Nikon D3500), playing some games (MTG: Arena, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Diablo 3), VR (Oculus Quest) and 3D printing (MP Voxel).

In the past I’ve been associated with World of Warcraft Lua hacks (ProbablyEngine, WaterHack, DarkRotations, Soapbox, FH Augment, FH Radar, and the ever popular LibDraw). I’ve since quit playing WoW.

Benjamin Phelps

Get in touch

You can find me in various places with various levels of success. Your best bet is just to send me an email (send it to ben at this domain).